Jay Vincent

Owner & Founder of Biofit
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Professional Fitness Model


Jay Vincent is a nationally recognized personal trainer, health coach and professional fitness model. As the primary trainer at BioFit, Jay’s mission is to instruct highly effective, time efficient, and safe exercises for people of all ages, goals and physical conditions.

“Safety is my primary concern here at BioFit. My personal training sessions focus on proper biomechanics and keeping the joints safe while maximally stimulating muscle tissue for a fast and effective exercise response”.

Jay has been featured on many popular Podcast interviews, magazines and has modeled for popular athletic companies such as Under Armour and MuscleTech.

Laurie Boyce


Laurie Boyce is a NASM Certified Trainer and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist. In her mid-40's, Laurie knows first-hand the importance of a healthy lifestyle in managing PCOS and maintaining muscle mass and bone density as she ages.

"I want clients to value fitness and nutrition as a healthy lifestyle, not as a sentence, or a quick fix. I strive to provide a safe environment and pay careful attention to form, fatigue, and overuse. Offering meal planning helps to keep my clients focused on their goals and working toward a sustainable approach to nutrition."

As an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist and PT "frequent flyer" Laurie has developed safe and effective client programs that limit regression, increase ROM, improve mobility and build strength to bridge the gap from PT to normal function.

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