I’m Sick. Should I Workout?

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December 18, 2017
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Can I Workout When I Am Sick? - Bio Fit NY

I’m Sick. Should I Workout?

Its that time of year. Viruses and bacteria are spreading like wild-fire. But you’ve been on your game. Dieting, exercising regularly and seeing great results. Then it hits you. Fever, chills, coughing and sneezing. You feel terrible but you know that if you don’t get into the gym you’ll turn into a fat blob right? (this is the exact term I hear my clients use LOL).

Actually…you won’t. Simply because it takes MUCH longer than just a couple of days to accumulate a significant amount of body fat. And assuming you continue to follow a healthy diet, simply being out of the gym for a few days will NOT cause that to happen. Body fat accumulation is caused by eating too many calories, excessive amounts of refined carbohydrates, or a combination of both. Going to the gym does not counteract either of those behaviors and exercise does not burn a significant amount of body fat. So don’t get bummed out that you haven’t been to the gym because you won’t lose all that you’ve worked for!

Recovery Time

Remember that exercise is a physical stress which your body needs to recover from. Your body is already trying to recover from the illness by allocating many of its resources to fighting off the pathogens. Piling on the stress of exercise will hinder your body’s ability to fight the pathogens; leaving you sick for even LONGER. Don’t make this mistake.

Some people believe that it is good to “sweat it out” by going to the gym and working up a sweat. This is also a myth. You cannot sweat out a pathogen or virus through exercise. Some people do feel better after a little bit of exercise but this is simply due to the endorphins your body releases during a workout. The endorphins make you feel good, so when you leave the gym you feel as though the exercise helped you fight the illness. Don’t make this mistake either. Although the endorphin release may feel good, it is not helping you. It is always best to rest, lay low and let your body fight the virus and get better.

This is your time to be lazy and you have a damn good reason to be. Take advantage of being stuck in the house and grab a cup of warm tea, a bowl of soup and binge watch a Netflix series as your body recovers. Remember, lots of fluids!