What is High Intensity Training?

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January 6, 2017
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April 27, 2017

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HIT is an exercise science and research based training protocol which has been shown to improve all aspects of health and fitness in just a few short duration exercise sessions per week.

HIT resistance training differs from traditional exercise methods in that the exercises are performed in a very slow, controlled cadence. Moving slowly during the exercises eliminates momentum which can make weight training dangerous. The eliminated momentum also allows the muscle to do all of the workout without any help which results in a much more effective workout.

The over 200 clinical exercise studies found that a deep level of muscle fatigue is the key to fitness results. Preventing the muscle from brief resting periods in a HIT workout creates a very deep level of muscular fatigue. So rather than doing multiple weight training sets with rest in between, or doing low intensity cardio activity like jogging, HIT accomplishes what would usually take hours in the gym in just a single 30 minute session.  

High Intensity Training “trims the fat” off of a traditional workout by removing all of the time wasting and unnecessary activity by focusing on the part of the workout that produces results.