Exercise: You’re doing it wrong (Part 1)

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The rapid growth of the fitness and exercise industry has produce a LOT of “smoke and mirrors” lately with the unlimited opportunity to make a quick buck off of misinformed, frustrated people who want to get in shape. This is precisely why there are so many different “workouts”, exercise classes, abdominal equipment, fat loss pills… and the list goes on for days.

As humans, we have a unique ability to recognize and create patterns. This allows us to make quick, accurate decisions without having to spend too much time and energy. Humans (and any multicellular organism for that matter) try to conserve as much energy as possible because over the past few million years of our evolution, food scarcity was a BIG problem.

Our ability to create patterns is great. But, it can also be manipulated. The fitness and exercise industry is fully aware of this and are taking full advantage.

For instance, take a look at an exercise infomercial or workout tape. Notice a pattern? Maybe that EVERYONE is in amazing shape? Lean, muscular and beautiful. This is no accident.

As a professional fitness model, I have seen the fitness industry from a perspective not many people are able to witness. What I have seen is that exercise video producers and supplement companies specifically recruit fitness models to promote their products (duh). Almost ALL of these fitness models have NEVER even done the workout in the exercise video or even tried any of the company’s supplements.

I was sponsored by a supplement company for about a year. My job was to endorse the product and talk about how well it worked towards making me muscular and lean. I was muscular and lean far before ever hearing about the product; which is why they chose me as an ambassador. The truth is, I NEVER took any of the company’s supplements. It was all useless garbage that didn’t work. My physique was built off of years of proper diet and exercise, not some $80 bottle of pills.

It makes sense for us to attribute a good body to whatever workout and diet that body uses. But, many of us fail to recognize good genetic advantages. Many fitness models would be in shape no matter what they do since they have superior genetics. At the same token, their genetics allow them to endure exercise that would run the average person into the ground and make them sick. When looking for proper exercise advice, it is always a good idea to AVOID the person who is in the best shape at the gym or on TV because they most likely have no idea why they look the way they do.

Workout programs, workout videos and YouTube sensations alike should be avoided like the plague. They’re just out to sell you something that will drain your pockets and leave you in the same position as before you bought them; frustrated and out of shape.

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I explain what PROPER exercise is and HOW to do it!

Jay Vincen