Cheat Meals Can Help You Lose Weight!

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Cheat Meal - BioFit NY

We all LOVE junk food, and for a very good reason! Our bodies are lazy. We want quick, fast absorbing energy so our bodies don’t have to use energy to break it down.

BUT as with anything, moderation is KEY.

Lucky for us, research has accumulated some compelling date which shows a junk food filled meal once in a while HELPS with weight loss!


You see, when you eat too much glucose or sugar from easily digestible carbohydrates, the amount of insulin circulating in your blood stream rises chronically. This put your body in “fat storage mode” by shoveling most of what you eat into body fat and blocking essential hormones for breaking down body fat.

One of these essential hormones is called LEPTIN. This hormones is created and released by body fat tissue and sends a signal to the brain that says “Hey, we’re carrying a little too much fat here. Lets burn some and stop eating so much”.

When leptin reaches the hypothalamus, appetite is decreased and body fat mobilization is increased.


A meal high in carbohydrates has been shown to spike the bodes leptin production by as much as 30%! This increase in the leptin hormone will motivate your body to burn more body fat and suppress your appetite.


Everybody is different. But I recommend eating ONE cheat MEAL (not cheat day, you’ll get fat) about every 3-5 days. But, don’t go overboard! A whole pizza is not an effective cheat meal. Look for something more like a sandwich or a hefty service of rice or potatoes as your cheat source. This will keep you on track mentally and fend off the usually weight loss plateau!


Resume normal dieting consisting of whole food sources. Nothing packaged, nothing processed and keep carbohydrates LOW.

A diet with a lot of animal protein, greene vegetables and some saturated fats combined with an occasional cheat meal will make you a fat burning machine!

DON’T FORGET to engage in some High Intensity Training too in order to speed up the process!