Biofit - Super Slow High Intensity Training

Science Based | Research Proven | Complete Fitness in 30 Minutes a Week

How Does it Work?

High intensity training (HIT) is an exercise protocol proven by exercise science and peer reviewed clinical research to be the most efficient, safe and effective way to improve all aspects of fitness and health.

Using medical grade resistance equipment and under very careful instruction, the trainee raises and lowers the weight very slowly until they can no longer move the resistance. This allows for a deep level of muscular fatigue which creates a strong stimulus for the body to improve its muscular strength, endurance, bone density, tone and body composition. The slow controlled movements also make a BioFit workout extremely safe. There has never been an injury at BioFit and there never will be.

Each workout lasts just 30 minutes and only needs to be done 2 times per week.

How is that possible?

Your body doesn’t know the difference between jogging, throwing rocks in the air flipping a tire or doing a leg press; all it perceives is muscular tension. Muscular tension creates muscular fatigue which stimulates the body to improve in all aspects of health and fitness. BioFits medical grade equipment creates a very deep level of fatigue in the targeted muscle groups which stimulates the body to respond very quickly.

It’s like a sun tan!

Just like there are many ways to fatigue your muscle, there are many ways to get a sun tan; some more efficient than others. You can lay outside in the sun for an hour or two a day or if you’d like to stimulate a sun tan very quickly, you can use a tanning bed. BioFit Training is like using a tanning bed! The higher intensity muscular fatigue at BioFit is comparable to the higher intensity UV rays of a tanning bed. This is why you can have shorter, less frequent workouts for amazing results.

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